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Meta And Facebook Separate

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

The biggest news from last year's FB Connect fell by the wayside without much notice. It you had any doubt why Mark Zuckerberg renamed the company Meta or whether he was all in on VR, this news was a definitive answer. Zuckerberg is all in on VR and that's why he renamed Facebook to Meta. The change? The Quest VR

headset will no longer require a Facebook account to login. Not a big deal? A few years ago, Facebook had announced it would require a Facebook account to use its Oculus VR platform. This was a statement that VR was nice, but that

all roads led to Facebook and if you didn't agree, you didn't need to use their VR. VR was a serf on the Facebook estate of of companies.

With this change, Zuckerberg is telling the world that whether or not you use Facebook, he wants you to use VR because he believes VR is the next Facebook. Even if its user base is a fraction of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp today, Zuckerberg sees a future where VR is on par with or even eclipses Facebook. Facebook is an application on the internet. VR is the new internet. It is fundamentally a new medium to communicate and Zuckerberg wants to own that new medium and its future.

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